Cross-stitch and embroidery


Craft-making is a growing trend and, as so many of our hens have mentioned they love cross-stitch, the Menders thought it would be so nice to introduce a new workshops to our craft hen party guests for 2016. With the brilliant Geeky Little Stitcher we’ve collaborated with some bespoke workshops and kits for our craft hen parties.

Made super simple for the less crafty and bespoke for our 3hr workshops lengths, you can choose from 3 styles or (for a small extra fee) a bespoke message for your individual taste. You’ll receive all the materials you’ll need, including embroidery ring, threads and trims.

An alternative, if your group is small or you’re not in a position to book a full craft workshop, would be to order some of our craft kits. With all the materials sent to your door, you’ll be ready to start your very own Sewing Bee!