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Sweet and simple brooch tutorial


This tutorial is for the simplest of patterns for a suffolk puff-style brooch and is for all skill levels. You can add creativity with your embellishment and fabric choices.



2 round paper templates, one small and large, but you can size up or down depending on your preference

Cotton fabric of your choice

Needle and embroidery silk (threaded double)

Brooch pin or hair clip (optional)

Small piece of felt for backing and embellishment

Ribbons, lace and buttons for further embellishment (optional according to preference)


Running stitch used for gathering

Securing stitch



Taking the smaller of the two circles and starting with securing the thread firmly, stitch a running stitch, 1 cm from raw edge, evenly and with small stitches around the entire edge. This is to be a gathering stitch so gently pull the thread so that the circle closes as tightly as possible. Once you’ve tightened to the fullest extent, secure firmly with at least 3 overstitches.


With the larger of the circles, fold over 1cm hen along the edge and after securing the thread, sew a running stitch around the entire circle through the hem in a similar way to the smaller circle. Draw up the thread to gather the circle tightly and finish securely.


Turn both circles over so that the opening faces upwards and place the smaller circle on top of the large. Sew both together and, at the same time, cover the opening in any way you wish with buttons, felt circles or beads.


Finally, on the back of the larger circle, stitch a small square of felt with neat straight stitches and firmly attach a brooch or small safety pin.