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How To Hold Crochet Yarn

Holding the crochet yarn correctly is important if you want to get the right tension in your stitches. Bee Clinch, professional crochet tutor at Makedomenders, shows you how in this Videojug guide.

You Will Need

  • yarn
  • 1 crochet hook


If you are a right handed person, the yarn will go to your left. Start by tying a slipknot onto the crochet hook. Take the end of your yarn and bring it over the front of the yarn, then push a loop through the noose at the top. Put the hook into the noose, then pull both ends of the yarn, and tighten the knot to the hook.

Hold your left had with the palm facing downwards; place the yarn between the little finger and the ring finger, take it over the back of the little finger then up between the ring finger and the middle finger, it then runs across the forefinger and is pinched at the knot by the forefinger and the thumb. Curl the ring finger and little finger over the yarn, and flex the middle finger.