Summer daisy brooch tutorial


This simple daisy brooch tutorial involves only a small amount of sewing skill and opportunity for creativity. Choose different embellishments or fabric styles to make something unique. You can create a corsage, fascinator or hair ornament.



Paper template approximately 10cm square but you can size up or down depending on your preference

Cotton fabric of your choice – cut 6 squares from the template

Needle and embroidery silk (threaded double)

Brooch pin or hair clip (optional)

Small piece of felt for backing and embellishment

Ribbons, lace and buttons for further embellishment (optional according to preference)


Running stitch used for gathering

Securing stitch


To make the first petal of the daisy fold the first of the six squares diagonally to form a triangle. Starting with a secure stitch sew in small, running stitch along the length of both open sides of the triangle.


When you’ve reached the end of the second side, gently pull or gather the stitches you’ve just made to form the first petal. Keep the gathering as tight as possible and, to prevent it opening again, use a firm securing stitch into the gathers.


Without cutting the thread, continue as with the first petal until you have completed all six squares and created a little ‘bunting’ of petals. When you’ve finished the last securing stitches into the sixth petal, join firmly to the first petal to make a circle. There will be a very rough centre ‘hole’ but you’ll be covering this with your felt backing and embellishments.

To make the back fastening, cut a piece of felt approximately 4cm x 3cm. If you are making a brooch, secure the pin to the felt first by sewing firmly through the holes of the pin on both sides. Once this is complete, sew the felt and pin to the back of the daisy with a small straight stitch around the all the edges.


Decorating the front is your chance to be creative so use your imagination and flair! A rosette of lace or ribbon, a felt flower or button heart. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to cover the messy gap in the middle and sew everything on very securely!