Applique design


The most effective way you can personalise a piece on a patchwork is through the use of applique. The term applies to a shape or silhouette, usually in fabric or felt, which is then sewn or bonded onto a piece of patchwork or fabric.


The Method

Your first step is to decide on what shape you’d like your motif to be. There are a number of good points to look for in a template so always choose wisely.


You’ll find templates in many good quilting books or, alternatively, you can make up your own. Just be sure to keep the outline as simple as possible without too many wispy outlines as you’ll be having to cut and, ultimately, sew round all the intricate angles of an over-complicated shape.



Of course here at the Menders we like to make you work for your craft so sewing is our preferred medium but, to save time and the tiniest bit of effort, you can use a bonding paper which is ironed onto the applique and, in turn, ironed in place on the patch.

childrens party

I really like this bird outline which gives scope for all sorts of embroidery techniques if you feel so inclined.



Making sure you have the right embroidery threads of silk or wool and a medium embroidery needle means that you can comfortably sew and achieve a good finish.




On this little sample I used running stitch, back stitch and a french knot which are all within the scope of a beginner.



There are many alternative stitches which we demonstrate and teach frequently at our craft parties, all of which are also listed in our Sew Easy instructions.