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Possibilities – looking forward to a return to craft and partying

March 23, 2021

From down here it can sometimes look dark, with no feeling of an end to the grey, but we’re thinking that there’s some light up there in the clouds and we’re ready to meet it here at Makedomenders’ Central. Our craft party packages are a real high-point for so many celebrating hen parties, birthdays and […]

We’re back! – hen parties in the Covid era

September 3, 2020

And we’re back! It’s been a strange and frightening time and we’re so aware of the many sacrifices and steps-beyond that people have had to make in the last few months. Hopefully we’re on our way to understanding much more of how to go forward and getting back to some normality is one way. We […]

Covid-19 update and how it will affect our workshops

March 29, 2020

Sadly, we here at Makedomenders are experiencing many of the disappointments and frustrations with our clients in the light of the restrictions on the nation following the outbreak of the global virus pandemic. We absolutely understand the need to follow all medical advice to protect our clients as well as our craft providers and have […]

Festive cheer – make everything crafty

December 30, 2019

In our tenth year and still crafting into our next decade, we at Makedomenders want to extend our warm festive best wishes to friends and hens that we’ve helped to entertain over the 2010’s. It’s been a terrific time for craft bringing the made by hand very much into centre stage, right where it belongs, […]

Party while you print

August 11, 2019

One of our popular craft hen party choices is as unusual as it’s fun. So many parties that you read about require jumping, running, getting hot and sweaty or just getting very, very drunk! However, we here at Makedomenders know only too well how that can end so we like to offer a clean and […]

Craft parties, pure and simple

July 2, 2019

Here at Makedomenders, we pride ourselves that our own craft skills will make many guests at our parties really want to carry on the creativity long after the beads and buttons have been stashed away. So many lovely friends and family that come to our fun and crafty parties have no previous experience and, we […]

Craft from other places

March 26, 2019

It’s been a busy time in the Menders’ household and we’ve started the year in full craft mode with flower crown workshops, quilt making and a host of bookings to look forward to. Lovely reviews are blooming and we’re so excited to get into the swing of craft partying in 2019! You may remember an […]

Making it a diy Christmas – wreath making

December 5, 2018

Here at Makedomenders, we love to make as much as possible to celebrate and decorate. It gives such an inspirational moment to any festive time and we can pass on our experience to others who would love to be as creative. In these dark and often gloomy months, colour and sparkle are important additions to […]

Talent scout – the Menders’ skill account

September 27, 2018

  Anyone booking the Makedomenders for a craft workshop will soon understand that we’re a dedicated team. We want to make sure that we bring the best in craft experience to the table. Literally, as we always need a table to weave our magic! But what people may not realise is that the tutors themselves […]

Keeping up with craft

June 29, 2018

The best part of being a Makedomender is that we get to make craft ourselves. It’s lovely to try something that we might not have much experience of and bring that to the workshops at our parties. It keeps our outlook fresh and current and recently I spent the very best day learning calligraphy and […]