Category: craft workshops

A blooming new year

January 21, 2019

  It’s a new year and the craft workshops are blossoming for 2019. So many of our craft packages are a real treat for the senses. So much colour and so much creativity. Flower crowns look set to be a popular choice again for the new year and that’s certainly been the case for quite a […]

Hen party workshops 2018

August 20, 2018

It certainly has been a glorious summer. The weather has been a dream, the bubbles have flowed and here at Makedomenders we’ve been busy as bees taking our craft honey out to hens across the south of England for some of the most beautiful and fun craft parties of the season. From yurt to country […]

A very happy 2018 from Makedomenders

January 4, 2018

An opportunity to wish all those who love and practice anything creative and crafty. It will give you so much pleasure despite the weather or the news. We need all the regeneration of spirits possible and craft and creativity is the way to achieve that. May the craft be with you!

Learning a new skill – indigo dye and shibori techniques

October 18, 2017

Today’s post is all about the blue. The deep and beautiful blue of indigo dye. We’re not all about the craft parties for a change, even though it all adds to the love of creativity! I wanted to expand my craft knowledge with this fantastic workshop of Indigo and Shibori at the Flower Factory in […]

Ribbons please! – craft materials discussed

August 9, 2017

The organisers and guests at every craft party workshop booked with Makedomenders can rest assured that the materials and tuition that rocks up on the day is of the highest quality and skills! All the fabric, ribbon, paint and every single bead, button or crayon is chosen with our long experience using these materials in […]

Congratulations, Nancy!

August 3, 2017

Makedomenders love a wedding and this one in London was a special one as it involved one of our own! Nancy Straughan, who has worked with the team for the longest time, has now become a sober married lady. And in beautiful style too. We wouldn’t expect anything else!! From the lovely slinky, peachy suit […]

Craft with bubbles!

June 19, 2017

This isn’t about standing with a bucket of Fairy Liquid and a lung-full of air. It’s all about raising a glass full of sparkling bubbles and a bunch of friends ready to start your very own crafty weekend of fun for your bride and bezzies! We are organising craft parties packages throughout the year at […]

Craft workshops for hen parties and baby showers

June 2, 2017

Take a look at the many and varied craft workshops Makedomenders has to offer and you’ll realise what a lot of creativity there is for you and your guests to enjoy and engage with. Whether you’re a craft expert or a true beginner, there’s our experienced tutors to help and support you. From sewing to […]

Block print craft workshops

June 30, 2016

  It’s funny how things often come in pairs, or threes even! Our craft hen party choices can follow this pattern too and this weekend we are hosting no less than three block print parties! We love these workshops as they are very different medium to our sewing craft workshops and give the hens a […]

Bunting for hen parties

April 4, 2016

Summertime is the time for outdoor weddings or receptions in beautiful settings in the English countryside and bunting for the wedding is a popular choice for our very personal craft hen parties. If you’re looking for a venue to fit in with your party plans, then look no further than Makedomenders! With our gorgeous array […]