We’re back! – hen parties in the Covid era

Posted on: September 3, 2020

And we’re back! It’s been a strange and frightening time and we’re so aware of the many sacrifices and steps-beyond that people have had to make in the last few months. Hopefully we’re on our way to understanding much more of how to go forward and getting back to some normality is one way.

We were so pleased to welcome our first, distanced hen party after the last 4 months of lockdown and easing here in the UK. The pandemic has seen an unprecedented response to combatting the virus and, understandably, such gatherings had to be suspended until the time was right.

Although we’re not celebrating in quite our usual style, I think we definitely enjoyed the relaxed feel of a social but distanced party in the Kent countryside. The organiser had gone to so much trouble to source a beautiful venue that could offer the guests the opportunity to feel festive in safety. The Kentish Pip barn near Canterbury made for an excellent setting for our festival-vibe flower crown making and the results were just lovely.

If you’re a bride or hen organiser wondering what is the best way to. celebrate in a time of restrictions and local lockdowns then we’re here to help. There are venues out there and events’ organisers who have some of the answers and party time has ended completely! Contact us by email or call and we’ll start getting your plans off the paper and into reality.

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