Party while you print

Posted on: August 11, 2019

One of our popular craft hen party choices is as unusual as it’s fun. So many parties that you read about require jumping, running, getting hot and sweaty or just getting very, very drunk! However, we here at Makedomenders know only too well how that can end so we like to offer a clean and tidy solution. Craft! In particular, many crafts and block print is one of our most fun and creative.

Learning how to make simple blocks and then preparing to print on paper or textiles, all the hens can take home their very own piece of creativity and still have room for the messier side of life. We know just how important celebrating at this time can be and there’s plenty of space for cake stands and champagne glasses!

Our tutors all have oodles of craft experience so you’re never left floundering with inky hands wondering what was the next step to make. In addition we can recommend some of the prettiest and nicest venues where you can celebrate and craft at the same time. Without messing your dress!!!!

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