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Talent scout – the Menders’ skill account

Posted on: September 27, 2018


Anyone booking the Makedomenders for a craft workshop will soon understand that we’re a dedicated team. We want to make sure that we bring the best in craft experience to the table. Literally, as we always need a table to weave our magic!

But what people may not realise is that the tutors themselves are craft experts in their own right. All of them have been chosen for their personal commitment to helping our guests find their inner creative spark. You can only do that if you have a true love of what you’re doing.

I began the business nearly a decade ago after a stint working as crochet tutor at the best yarn shop in the world, Loop Knitting in Islington, London. I’d directed my creativity into a number of craft projects over the years and used those skills to, not only keeping the home fires burning, but to pass on the knowledge to others. Share the fun, if you like!

When it came to expanding the business, I looked for tutors that had that same spark and it doesn’t take long to squirrel those kind of people out. We have an amazing pool of innovative talent in this country and each of our tutors, in their sphere, makes and does…brilliantly!

Just ask any of the lovely people who will come to host your hen party and you’ll find fine artists like Kitty or jewellers like Tara. Printer makers and stylists like Nancy or florists like Shelley. Designers like Victoria or hand-crafts like Bee, the list goes on and on. You really will be in the best of hands with Makedomenders!

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