Hen party workshops 2018

Posted on: August 20, 2018

It certainly has been a glorious summer. The weather has been a dream, the bubbles have flowed and here at Makedomenders we’ve been busy as bees taking our craft honey out to hens across the south of England for some of the most beautiful and fun craft parties of the season.

From yurt to country house and back to cool locations in London with fresh ac and vibe to match! Our craft workshops have pleased many a bride-to-be and her hen buddies alike and we’re so happy to be part of the fun. Some of our most favourite workshops have been the stars of the summer with some old fave-raves coming out of the dressing-up box too. Bunting making has made a welcome reappearance after a few years out of the spotlight but the big hitters are certainly quiltmaking and flower crowns which never seem to go out of fashion.

Talking of which, flower crowns have been very high in the fashionista sky with both Bey and Riri busting their floral moves. We salute them and their crowns!!

If you want to shine like a crafty superstar please don’t hesitate to contact Bee and the Menders to discuss your party ideas for this year and beyond!

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