Vegan venues for 2018

Posted on: January 30, 2018

Increasingly, our parties are looking for more than a craft party for their hen weekend. We’re so pleased when we can recommend the perfect venue as well as the best in creative workshops. London is a particular favourite and, as you would expect, there are so many choices. That can get a little daunting and sometimes disappointing when you find out that the venue cost is almost equivalent to your monthly mortgage payment!

Since we started organising our crafty classes we’ve been able to gather together a comprehensive list of locations across the capital and beyond, offering a variety of refreshment and price choices. With or without room hire or minimum spend, we always make sure that the service, food and atmosphere will fit the bill for our guests.

This hasn’t changed much over the years until now. Lately, we’ve noticed an increasing number of parties are looking for specific refreshment options. Afternoon tea has always been popular and we have so many really great establishments that serve superb gastronomic delights but now there is a call for something different.

Now we can extend this to the vegan requests and two of our favourite venues are offering exclusive vegan afternoon tea and, in the case of one, a full vegan menu. The B Bakery in Covent Garden has the cutest tearooms in central London that I know of and this year is the launch of their vegan afternoon tea. A regular favourite of ours is the Blacksmith & Toffemaker in leafy St John Street, east London and they have had a complete refurb of their website and menus and are now fully vegan. This is a fantastic and far-sighted idea on their part and we’re so pleased to be able to join them on their new venture.

Don’t fret when you start your hen party organising that the venue is going to be especially tricky. We’ve probably got the answer to most of your requests so don’t forget to mention when you send your enquiry. We’re here to help!

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