Instagram – our inspirational mood board

Posted on: October 31, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered what we love best and what really floats our craft vessel then look no further than our instagram feed Makedomenders.

Although there’s many images taken from our craft parties┬ámany are also the many inspirational triggers we all need to get the craft flowing. If it’s a piece of nature, an glimpse from a window of something lovely, or even just a pile of fabulous fabric, we like to include on our page. The pictures should be lush so that you can join in too and enjoy the moment!

We also visit many craft and stylist workshops that add to our experience and this can then inform our work with our workshops so that our guests get the very best from our tutors. It’s always important to add to your knowledge and visiting inspiring practitioners all feeds into this.

So why not pop over to our instagram page and take a look at what we’re up to and what we love to share with all of you!

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