Learning a new skill – indigo dye and shibori techniques

Posted on: October 18, 2017

Today’s post is all about the blue. The deep and beautiful blue of indigo dye. We’re not all about the craft parties for a change, even though it all adds to the love of creativity! I wanted to expand my craft knowledge with this fantastic workshop of Indigo and Shibori at the Flower Factory in London with the talented Kathryn Davey.

It was the most wonderful messy-play day and I would recommend this as terrific relaxation as well as inspirational. Indigo is a natural dye and the chemical process is so fascinating. Starting out as a dodgy yellow-green fabric will go the most intense blue that you can’t help but fall in love with it.

We gathered at the studio of Kristin Perrers, which you may remember is where I attended the fascinating day hosted by Kristin, Susan Cropper of Loop and Tif Fussell, in Columbia Market area. We then began 5 intense hours of indigo introduction and quickly produced some pieces of work that we all could be proud of. I’m featuring some examples of the different variations on the instagram pages so check that out if you’re interested to learn more.

All this goes into my love of Japanese craft and print techniques and I have many examples in my mounting pile of fabrics waiting for projects! Craft is an on-going project throughout one’s life and that’s something to cherish.

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