For the love of linen – fabulous fabric season

Posted on: October 2, 2017

We might be all about the craft parties, both hen, baby shower and much, much more but we do have lots of interests of a crafty nature!!

Here at Makedomenders we’re crazy about fabric. Our favourite shopping haunts, like Cloth House in London¬†where this beautiful image is taken from, are those with piles of beautiful bolts of texture from the finest gauze to the chunkiness of tweed. This post is going to start with maybe our number one cloth, linen, and the variety it brings. Whether printed or untouched, it is truly the most interesting and so much of it woven here in the UK and not just in tiny pockets but right across the country.

Flax was grown everywhere and you can still sometimes spot it’s beautiful sky-blue flowers across the fields. Sadly now, it’s for it’s linseed oil and not for weaving but the memories are still there!

Near where I live is one of the most beautiful areas in East Sussex where the River Brede winds it’s way and which, in the 17th century, was an area where flax was grown for the local weaving industry in Winchelsea, in a windswept corner of the valley.

Winchelsea is now the place to go for gardens and sleepy side streets and the industry has long left but you can still feel the presence of work in the cellars that almost every house has. Deep underground the finished cloth would be gently dried. Fine lawn, as it was called, was the must-use fabric of the nobility for their undies and shirts!!


I’ve made quite a collection of linen samples and, this month, I’m really excited to take some to a workshop at the fantastic studio of Kristin Perers in London given by the oh-so talented Kathryn Davey¬†learning to dye with indigo using the japanese technique of shibori.

More on that later, but why not start seeking out linen products and find all the wonderful variety of this most-versatile fabric.

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