Looking ahead – new workshops for 2018

Posted on: September 1, 2017

Here at Makedomenders we like to shake things up a bit every year with our craft party workshops! Not because we’re bored or enjoy a risk but because we’re always fizzing with great new ideas. This year’s light-bulb moment has come from all the wonderful flower crown workshops we’ve hosted in 2017.

We love the freshness of the real-look flowers but sometimes it’s fun to go a bit different and we’re going to offer a carnival option in the spirit of the great Hollywood star, Carmen Miranda. With piles of fruit and jungle blooms, party girls can hit the town in Rio style!

Summer spells festivals to us and channeling the music festival spirit we’d also like to add our own twist with pompom headpieces as well. The gentle art of wool and pompom makers takes us all back to our school-days but this is going to have a very twenty-first century vibe!!

If you’re already looking into hen party plans for 2018, why not check out our activities’ pages and find out your inner carnival queen!

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