Craft with bubbles!

Posted on: June 19, 2017

This isn’t about standing with a bucket of Fairy Liquid and a lung-full of air. It’s all about raising a glass full of sparkling bubbles and a bunch of friends ready to start your very own crafty weekend of fun for your bride and bezzies!

We are organising craft parties packages throughout the year at homes and venues across the south-east and beyond bringing our own special mix of craft and fun. We can organise perfect venues that we know and trust or come to your own accommodation. The only rule we want you to follow is to have an excellent and quality time in our company!

We can arrange an array of craft workshops, all tutored by people experienced in the field, and with the very best in materials. Even if you can’t quite stretch the budget to one of our tutored packages, we can also arrange to have kits sent to you so you can be your very own craft party organiser!

From flower crown making to creating your very own memory quilt, we have something for everyone so ping an email today to Bee and we’ll get the celebrations off to a flying start!

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