Fresh look at craft

Posted on: December 3, 2016

While you’re reading this post you won’t fail to notice that we’ve changed our look. Fresh new colours and a new logo to reflect our ethos of chic craft parties for all occasions.


The logo is a stylish reinvention of our script in calligraphy which is very much of the times. Here at Makedomenders we have an eye on the constantly changing design landscape and developing different skills. Calligraphy is an increasing passion for many trying to perfect their creative abilities. Our favourite exponent at the moment is Leanda Xavian at the Fine Letter Company.


The watercolour flower background is sourced from the inspirational craft producer website, Etsy, and I think it gives just the right flavour of spring freshness to the proceedings.


I love messing with colours and had so much fun considering all the options. It’s nerve-wracking too as our website is our most important means of reaching our customers. Our shop-window, if you like, and we want everyone to enjoy their time exploring the world of the Menders.

We hope you like what we’ve done and will explore further, booking a craft workshop event to find out what will inspire you and your friends in 2017!!


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