Sewing on the web – craft making a comeback

Posted on: February 9, 2016



hens at play

The Menders are a creative bunch and we’re always in a crafty frame of mind. That’s why we love our craft parties where we can share all the wonderful things that come from being creative!

This week on the web was a case in point. So many good things around to make us feel that being a bit clever with needle and thread can be the way to overcome the February blues.

The first find isn’t really anything to do with making anything. It’s just images that give a contemporary twist to an age-old craft. The photography of Oleg Oprisco caught my eye and, of course, it was this dreamy image. Love it, and I’m going to show it to you uncropped, just as nature intended!

sewing girl

Sometimes it feels like we can stitch far into the future and out-of-sight! As sewing is probably the one craft I’ve done nearly all my life, I love to find sewing opportunities to satisfy the craving for craft and this week was no exception. Cross-stitch is massively popular with many of our party guests and, even if you’re not massively creative, it is an activity that can calm the stressed soul. Notforgotten Farm┬áreally captures the love and the Etsy shop has so many fabulous kits that I think would be lovely to complete,

Fox cross stitch

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