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Meet the team!!

Posted on: September 8, 2015

hens at play

As the summer draws to an end there’s a little more time for housekeeping and, as well as stock taking and planning for next year, the website gets a little dust and polish. Craft hen parties updated, pictures rotated and some pages completely overhauled.

Nancy frame

Although our workshops expand and develop it is the tutors that have been the most important element of the Makedomenders’ experience. Bee has been careful to pick only the most enthusiastic and talented people to host the craft hen parties that have been booked over the past year. Our ‘About’ page gives you a chance to see who’s who.

Bee frame

Because we’re such an artistic bunch it seemed natural to present the backroom girls in the spirit of creativity with some lovely portraits of the team made by Nancy Straughan with her signature drawings. With some background information you can be sure you’re going to be meeting the pick of the bunch!

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