A few of my favourite things and for the love of hens

Posted on: May 18, 2015


This year has been a blast for the Menders with 3 new tutors, a return of loved tutor and more bookings for craft parties coming to make it feel especially busy. Seeing how making stuff is evolving into a must-do obsession for our hen parties is really heart-warming. With this in mind I wanted to list a bunch of my favourite things when I think of all this! The picture taken at one of our happy quiltmaking workshops in Glastonbury with with these festival lovers captures the vibe.

hen parties


Craft hen parties come in many disguises; fascinator making, quiltmaking, blockprinting and the hens can be just as creative! Decorating the venue can be just as much part of the party as our workshops!!

afternoon tea

And afternoon tea is a definite must!


Maybe you’d like to make a beautiful quilt for the bride at one of our most popular workshops.


As always, the Makedomenders will come with their special brand of fairy-dust and love of all things sewing!! Craft hen parties are not just for the few and this year is set to be our busiest and we know that all over this great Britain there are plenty of others who agree!!

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