Why I love craft

Posted on: May 8, 2015

testimonial sewing

I think I’m one of the lucky ones. I love what I do and it’s a real privilege to have such a successful way to do what I love. Makedomenders ticks all the boxes of work satisfaction, creativity and spreading the crafty word through our craft party workshops.


I think the pictures speak for themselves from our many craft party workshops and I’ve got such a fantastic team who all, in their own right, can bring expertise and advice to the events.



I’ve been involved from the earliest age in everything handmade. ┬áMy mum was a passionate artist and creator and taught me, quite rightly, everything I know of handcrafts. I know that many of these skills are completely unknown to many of our party guests. With a big spoonful of sugar in the form of afternoon teas and bubbles, and a fair share of laughter, I like to think we help to clear up some of the knowledge deficit.


Forget about the image of craft being exclusively for little old ladies in olden days and wake up to the fact that we’re all crafters now and it’s the best way to bring people together, whether at a hen party, baby shower or just simply for friends. Get the bug with one of our craft workshops and find out what all the talk is about!


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