Quiltmaking hen parties and kits

Posted on: April 9, 2015


Our quiltmaking hen parties and baby showers are our most popular choice of craft workshop and you may not know that Makedomenders offers a make-up service for the quilt following the party. Included in our 3hr workshop and as a reasonably priced add-on to our Whole Package craft kits, it’s the perfect way to upgrade all your hardwork at the party into a beautiful memory gift of a perfect day for bride or baby.


After the fun of the party with all the wonderful Makedomenders’ materials, Bee and her team whisk the personalised fabric squares off to the Menders’ studio where sewing machines, ironing boards and quilting materials are waiting.


Very often, we have a bit of a timetable to keep to, as we endeavour to prepare the quilt for presentation at the wedding or following the birth of the expected arrival. In an ideal world, the quilt can be returned within 2-3 weeks but, preferably, a few more days is always gratefully accepted by all concerned!


High up in the roof-top studio, Bee buzzes away with scissors, wadding, needle and thread turning rough edged squares of fabric into a patchwork of memories, padded and lined to set off the sewing that the party has enjoyed achieving.


Makedomenders pride themselves on giving the best of services on all our workshops but we have to admit, the quiltmaking really does deserve all the attention we love to give and we know from our reviews that many of you agree. If you think there’s a bride-to-be or baby once it’s way that would love one of our quiltmaking celebrations then please don’t hesitate booking your very own craft workshop party.


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