Sewing and dressmaking

Posted on: March 30, 2015


Sewing skills can be just as important as climbing a mountain or cooking up a storm. Official. We’re in the middle of a craft revival and I’m so pleased. I’ve been sewing and crafting since I was tiny and my first sewing-machine winged it’s way across continents from my aunt when I was 7 years old and I’ve been stitching ever since. Since then I love passing the craft on to hens, baby showers and anyone else with a needle and thread in hand!


It started as a way of creating clothes that I couldn’t find in the shops and then developed into a real profession which has kept me very happy and I hope I can pass this enthusiasm on. From stitch advice here on the website to material supplies in our shop we’ve got all the measurements covered. A quick trawl on the internet reveals some gorgeous dressmaking patterns and my particular love are the American vintage patterns that really bring back a long-lost elegance and design to clothes.


Here are some technique examples you might not be aware of –


Pin-tucks – design details on bodices and skirt hems, here on a Liberty print blouse made from a pattern printed in the late forties


Facings – finishing and strengthening a neck or armhole, here on a tweed dress made from a pattern printed in the sixties by the great French designer Jean Patou.

Across the country, shops old and new to the high street are offering sewing and embroidery classes and at our craft workshop parties more and more people are keen and interested to learn skills that have been a wee bit neglected. These creative events can really be a fantastic way to enjoy a craft that normally would be something to be avoided but we can guarantee you’ll want to come back for more!



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