Craft hen parties with afternoon tea

Posted on: June 11, 2014


Here at Makedomenders we like to think we have a venue list that is second-to-none in listing beautiful locations for hosting your craft party and many of them offer wonderful afternoon teas.


When you’re planning your hen party or baby shower you want it to be perfect and making sure of the refreshments is definitely one of the important considerations. Luscious piles of scones and cakes can really set everyone in a very celebratory mood and bringing some bubbles into the mix is just heaven.


We can offer locations in London and Brighton that are happy for us to organise our craft workshops and will keep the hens fed and watered all afternoon. As an organiser, you can be sure everyone will go away with some seriously happy smiles on their faces which makes all the planning worth while!


If you’re just setting out to plan a craft event then Bee and the Menders can help with so much of the day, recommending and booking venues and refreshments as well as their accomplished craft parties.

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