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Craft hen party ideas – glorious quilts

Posted on: May 12, 2014


The Menders certainly do seem to have the corner in the quilt craft hen party market it seems. We are busy with workshops making them every weekend, sometimes several times over! We love them!!!


Whether you’re an experienced needle person or can just about thread one, there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy these craft workshops.  The bride will have a wonderful reminder of her hen day every time she looks at all the hard work that her friends put in whilst quaffing bubbly and munching on gooey cakes.  Who wouldn’t love it??!  You can see that it definitely influences some of their ideas!

The Menders bring lots of lush printed fabrics, buttons and beads to create and decorate commemorative squares which are then whisked away to Bee’s attic workshop and, with a sprinkling of magic, the squares miraculously reappear as a beautiful quilt to last all your days.

The hens can be as creative as they please and sometimes simple is best.  From letter messages to pretty appliques, there’s no end to the imagination.

If all this takes your fancy and you’re organising your own, or your friend’s hen party, then do contact us for a quote for a quilt-making party in one of our hand-picked venues or in your own home or location of choice.

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