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Craft hen parties at venue or location

Posted on: April 13, 2014


Increasingly, we’re being asked to host our craft parties at locations chosen by the hens. It’s a terrific idea as everyone is relaxed, with plenty of refreshment, and there’s no pressure to keep to a timetable or rush off anywhere. Another plus is that there are a growing number of fabulous, reasonable and large properties to rent in some lovely parts of the country.

Em 2

Last weekend the Menders were asked to a stunning house deep in the Worcestershire countryside, down cherry blossom lanes and with the sound of lambs and birds surrounding us! Enough of the poetry, let’s get on with the party! The hens were set to enjoy one of our favourite workshops, fascinator making, and what a creative bunch they turned out to be!! Everything began hectically at the ginormous table set up in one of the large rooms of the house.

Em 3

I think both hens and tutor were impressed at the results and the photos out in the garden just need a dash of sun to look the complete package. They’ll get that, I’m sure, come the day of the wedding.


If you’ve got plans to rent a lovely cottage in the country for your hen party and want a great activity to get the weekend going then look no further than a Makedomenders craft workshop. We’ll help with all the details and we can even recommend the venues we’ve been to!!

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