Craft hen parties and afternoon tea

Posted on: February 7, 2014


On a cold and blustery day this February, the Menders gathered for a very special meeting at Violet Cakes in the less than sunny Hackney, east London. This is a tiny haven of sweetness and we love their cakes and philosophy so much we’ve decided we’ll start offering their wonderful goodies to ourafternoon tea craft party-goers.


So far the response has been, as you can imagine, very enthusiastic and we’re planning to let the guests choose, prior to the party, whether they want a taster menu of Violet bakes or the full-blown, mouthful of gorgeousness that are their cupcakes.


Enjoying a glass of bubbly and having a lovely natter with all your friends, making and munching, has got to be at the top of anyone’s list of happiness and we love providing the opportunities. If it’s all making just a bit hungry for craft and goodies then contact Bee and we’ll help you find the love.


You may be wondering why on earth the pictures are so fuzzy and grainy but it was a very, very, very cold day and I didn’t realise the lens had fogged up!! What we do for the Menders, bringing the good things to the creativity!


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