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Craft parties and workshops

Posted on: January 24, 2014


Makedomenders specialise in a variety of craft workshops and all our tutors are very experienced in teaching even the most nervous beginner how to stitch, snip, print and enjoy a glass of bubbly!


We love our craft hen, baby showers and happy birthday parties but we also know that many of the guests have no previous experience of what they’re about to be subjected to so we aim to bring all the crafts to them, keeping it simple, contemporary and, above all, fun.

more patches

Our runaway success workshop has been the quilt-making so sewing is the craft of the moment. No doubt. Many of the guests will have had a brush with needle and thread at school or sewing on a button but we like to introduce them to other stitch skills like blanket or chain stitch. You don’t have to be a sewing diva to learn.


If you learn nothing else, the most important tip is oversewing or securing stitch. It’s the meaning of neat and tidy sewing and stops your hard-earned stitching coming apart. Three back stitches over and over will be the difference between a lot of knots behind the scenes or ¬†your work looking beautiful whichever way you look at it!


Sewing on a button correctly is also an important building block. Double thread, securing stitch and then neatly through the button, 3 times over and secured (that stitch again!) and snip. Button on for life!!

Whether at a hen party or a birthday party, you’ll definitely not feel a sewing party pooper at a Makedomenders event!





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