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Posted on: November 25, 2013


As promised, a post about a craft I love picking up (when time allows) and which is a great introduction to extending beginner sewing skills. Needlepoint is one of the most satisfying and beautiful crafts to get involved with. I love to tell people at our craft parties that there’s nothing that you can’t achieve even if you’ve decided you can’t sew! If you love this post then what about starting with a simple tapestry sampler!


I have quite a bit of needlepoint and other types of craft round the house, including a beautiful piece of embroidery done by my great-great grandmother.


Needlepoint is, in many ways, a little like painting by numbers. Your materials are an array of beautiful embroidery threads and, usually, a firm, open-weave canvas. Most often, the pattern you’re going to sew is printed on the canvas and, in many of the quality kits, the colour guide is clearly printed so all you need to worry about is putting the stitch into the right square!



Image courtesy of DMC creative

The stitch couldn’t be easier as the spaces in the canvas dictate where to go. A diagonal stitch across from one row to the other is all you need to remember.  An embroidery hoop is often an accessory as much as a necessity but it does help to keep the material in control. Plus it does make you look the part!!

Kaffe FassettKits are widely available and from some amazing designers. One close to my heart and famed the world over is Kaffe Fassett, born and brought up just down the coast from where I spent my childhood. Full of the rich tones of his native California, Kaffe has been designing for the company Ehrman as well as Rowan and his sense of colour is second to none. Another designer I love is English Eccentrics and this Patchwork Heart Bright is a possible Christmas List contender for me.

english eccentrics


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