Hen party ideas at home

Posted on: November 13, 2013


Who needs to go anywhere when you’ve got this to stay in!! Here at the Menders we love our visits to hen houses around the country. As well as hen homes we also love to host our workshops in some lovely rented cottages deep in the English countryside. Just the perfect setting for all our crafty hen party ideas!


It’s a perfect way for the party to really get swinging from the get-go and everyone can relax and have a lovely atmosphere in which to entertain, get to know each other and be creative all at the same time.


On Saturday, we hosted a perfect example of one of our home visit parties in the heart of the Kentish Weald, a gorgeous area of little white-boarded cottages, cosy pubs and some of the most lovely countryside you’ll ever find. The house was a roomy farmhouse with plenty of space around blazing log fires.


The quilt making was loved by everyone and it’s going to be such a treat to remind myself of a perfect afternoon when I come to sew up ready for the wedding in a few weeks.

If you’re keen to pack the wellies and point the satnav to twisty lanes for you hen party celebrations then book a craft party with us to really capture the mood for a rural retreat ahead of the wedding.

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