Getting the most from a craft party event – sewing do’s and don’ts

Posted on: October 14, 2013


Making sure that every person enjoys a Menders’ craft party event is among our top priorities and here at Menders’ Central we hope that everyone goes away with a smidgen of expertise and bucketload of fun.


As our sewing activities are among the most popular choices I thought it might be a good idea to list some of the top tips that will help hens, friends and family to make their skills go a long way.


Top tip  –  Thread length. Always make sure the thread reaches from your fingers to your elbow; any longer and you’ll have a crick in your neck and a bunch of knotted thread!


Securing stitches – Finishing your thread. When you want to finish your line of sewing finish with a tiny securing stitch. Take one back stitch of about 2mm and sew over this 2 or 3 times in the same place. Cut the thread and no need for knots or loose threads!


Running stitch – easy-peasy stitch for applique or basic sewing. For non-sewers this is the favourite method and quick to learn. After securing the thread as above, pick-up 3 even stitches with your needle approximately 2mm in length and pull your thread through. Continue in this way and you’ll soon see why this quick stitch is called ‘running’.


Blanket stitch – a great stitch to show off some skill! As a decorative edge this stitch can’t be beat. When sewing an applique and after securing the thread, bring the needle out to the front of the work and above the shape you want to highlight. For the right-handed (reverse for lefties) pick up a stitch approximately 3mm diagonally from the needle and into the applique. Bring the needle out alongside your thread but 3mm away to the right and make sure the thread is behind the needle, pull through. Continue round the shape and practise makes perfect, as they say!


Booking a craft party with us is as easy as peasy too. Just contact Bee for availability and a quote and you might be stitching away before much longer!


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