Simply the best – the delights of a quilt-making hen party

Posted on: March 10, 2013

teacup square

It’s not a secret that here at Makedomenders we have a soft-spot for our quilt-making parties.  They are by far and away our most popular and frequent workshop choice and we love to see the bride’s face at the end of the afternoon when she gets a flavour of the lovely quilt she’s going to receive! Often it’s almost impossible to take the squares away from her to sew up into the finished quilt!!

house square

Even the most die-hard sewing hater puts her dislike away for 3 hours and manages to create a little piece of personal history towards the finished article!  The sewing divas get a chance to strut their stuff with embroidery, applique and a fair share of bling.  I love it when I arrive, announce the activity, and see the varying responses on the faces of the hens.  Even the slight tinge of horror soon disappears as the girls start to reminisce about school or uni days.

flower square

Think that a Menders’ craft workshop might be just the thing your bride-to-be would love?  Don’t be afraid that there are crafty types amongst the group of hens.  We’ll make sure that everyone feels especially creative and no one goes away disappointed.

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