Posted on: January 24, 2012

Today we had a slightly wet meeting in Kings Cross to look at a brand new venue and meet a lovely designer who we may collaborate with…all very exciting and slightly hush hush for now, perhaps Bee will fill you in when all is confirmed….!!

It was my first outing since being on maternity leave from make do mend, and while still officially on a break, it was lovely to get back to some afternoon tea at the lovely Drink Shop Do (mint tea and brownies with raspberries in – yum!) and to introduce the latest addition to the team to Bee. There were smiles all round, so I think they liked each other!

Just wanted to also point out the lovely card she bought along, from a fab company Rifle Paper Co, go check em out! Now I am looking forward to my return to the fold, even if it means leaving my little one at home; the craft is calling!

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  1. makedomenders says:

    Well, I certainly was a big fan of Miss Millie as soon as I saw her adorable crochet cloche hat!!
    Very exciting day and some fab hand-cut chips. Hmmm, will reveal all soon!!

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