Make Do Mend

Posted on: January 9, 2012

This article caught my eye from this Saturday’s Guardian for the obvious reasons that the headline started with Making Do and Mending.  It seemed particularly relevant as we were due to host a class entitled Make It Mend It on Sunday!

It would have been nice to fill the class with all the lovely people we meet at our events who struggle to sew on buttons or need to be introduced to the mysteries of seams and selvedges.  Sadly, I think alot of the people who wanted to attend were still mending their sore heads from New Year so we’ve postponed it to later in the spring.  Keep your eyes peeled for our craft workshops if you feel you need to brush up your sewing skills and reviving the wardrobe in the spirit of Rebecca Smithers of the Guardian!  In these times of caution and saving, recycling and upcycling are becoming very much part of our vocabulary.  Maybe we did have a serious case of the retail bug but there’s no need to throw out our beautiful purchases just because they’re looking in need of some repairs.  Knowing the basics of sewing can often really revive a faded classic of the wardrobe.

Don’t forget we have many other craft classes in London coming up, not least beginners’ crochet, bunting for Valentines and some really wonderful crochet classes including bead and lace crochet.

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