Christmas Story – elves make beautiful quilt

Posted on: December 3, 2011

Our latest hen party in London on Sunday was so atmospheric and fun.  It all looked very festive and wintery. Slightly later in the afternoon than normal, Drink Shop & Do was in cosy mood with twinkly lights and decorations.  Our table was all rigged up with extra light as we were all set for a quilt-making bonanza.  Cakes and lashings of darjeeling were standard!!

Becky, the bride, is a keen needle-girl and her hens were there to make sure she wasn’t alone stitching some fabulous squares which the Menders are making-up into a really personal quilt that she can keep for ever.  None of the hens had pointy ears and hats with bells on but it did remind me of Santa’s workshop!

We always say that it really doesn’t matter if anyone there can’t sew as we’re there to help and, if not exactly holding hands, then certainly making it easy to thread up a needle and sew 4 lovely squares.  This group didn’t need any support as they set to work and, in less than 2-and-a-half hours had stitched up some truly inspiring work.

Don’t you adore this little bambi?!  I’ll be posting some more examples next week.

We always hope our hens enjoy themselves and this party was no exception.  See what the lovely organiser, Debs, had to say, ‘Thanks so much for the hen party! We had such a good time, the girls were talking about it all evening and this morning! Becky loved it too- great surprise! ‘  Well, we loved it too.  Thank you!!!

Quilt-making is one of our favourite hen party choices for both hens and the Menders.  If you would like a quote for one of our hen party workshops in London or at a venue of your choice then contact us and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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