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Craft making baby shower

July 23, 2014

This beautiful picture was taken by adoring mother of these two lovely girls. The quilt on which they’re posing was made by all their friends to celebrate the birth of the gorgeous baby.

Baby Shower

Makedomenders’ baby shower craft workshops are such a warm, loving way to welcome the new arrival to the family. We make sure there’s plenty of perfect fabrics at our quilt making workshops for both boys and girls and we love it when the party think of applique pictures to add to their squares. Embroidery is also a lovely touch and the tutors will help even the most sewing timid to be creative and crafty. We can even provide cute little sewing kits for each guest if we can’t be there in person complete with everything you’ll need for a fun afternoon of sewing!


After all the fun of the day, including sumptious teas in some cases, and much laughter and love, the Menders whisk the squares away to make into a beautiul memory quilt just like the example in the picture at the top of the post.


If you’re an expectant mum who wants to brighten the nursery for your new baby or friends of the family and a craft party in your own home or at one of our hand-picked venues sounds like a perfect way to gather friends and family together in a real joint effort and entertainment, then contact Bee for further details.

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Craft hen parties in Oxford and Oxfordshire

July 10, 2014

Many of our  craft hen parties take place in one of the hens’ homes. It’s always a perfect setting  as everyone can feel immediatley at home and there’s a well-stocked kitchen and all the amenities for comfort and celebration! The Makedomenders are happy to travel to everywhere and anywhere in the south of England and […]

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Hen parties in Surrey and East Sussex

July 4, 2014

Here at Makedomenders we love to travel across the length and breadth of the south of England and Surrey and East Sussex are popular and well-visited by us. We go to towns and country alike and Brighton, the number one in hen lists of favouriSurrey and East Sussex ate locations, is a regular haunt for […]

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