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Try a new craft – dressmaking

August 22, 2014


With TV shows like the Great British Sewing Bee and more and more sewing supplies shops opening across the country, we do seem to be in a sewing revival and the Makedomenders couldn’t be more pleased. Sewing and crafting are, of course, close to our heart and we try in our craft workshops to pass the passion along.

testimonial sewing

One way to really get into the swing is to try some easy-peasy dressmaking so that you can wear what you make and feel genuinely proud of what you’ve achieved. Some tips along the way can be of real help so here’s some of our favourite pieces of advice.

sewing machine

If you’re just starting out and you haven’t had a lot of experience with machines and all the trimmings, then maybe look to buying or trying a very basic model before heading out for all the bells and whistles. You really only need to spend a small amount for maximum return and the Menders do love the John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine at a mere £49!


Fabric for your planned project is an important consideration. You don’t want to be struggling with strange patterns and textures so go for something straightforward with either a dot or floral and avoid stripes and checks. Cottons in shirting or medium weight are best and avoid anything stretchy at this stage. We adore The Cloth House  in Berwick Street in London but now there are a number of excellent sewing shops opening in large and not-so towns so keep an eye out on your high street.


Patterns are a must for those who need a bit of support in the logistics of stitching. Instructions can be a real help and give pointers you can follow up. As they say,’ patterns that teach’.  A personal favourite at the moment are Colette patterns as they have that wonderful vintage feel and an eye for style.

Finally, you’d be surprised who is a ‘closet’ sewing freak so talk to friends, mums and people on buses and you’ll soon find out there’s quite a few fans of sewing out there. Of course, the other wise move is to talk to the people in the shops where you buy your fabric as they’re the real deal and check all the excellent blogs and websites for tips and advise for you to help create your first masterpiece. Final piece of advice is, when you get the chance, is to come to a Makedomenders’ craft workshop and join in the fun!

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Craft parties in London

August 15, 2014

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Craft party workshops – block printing

August 6, 2014

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